Google+ future depends on..



For Facebook competitors like Google Yahoo, Linkedin, and Twitter are doing their best to make their own social space. To counter this Facebook should come up with all new interface of its website. Facebook should change its idea of profile pictures and come with “personalized 3d-type avatars” for its every user. This new concept will bring new dimensions for Facebook as a company to entertain its users with new features along with new methods of revenue generation. Some ideas about what these dimensions can possibly be are,


  1. Every user has their own customized avatar, which may look like them.
  2. Personalization of avatars by the users is the best part of the strategy.
  3. Users can dress themselves which would be quite interesting.
  4. Dressing can include shoes, clothes, hair styles, accessories, etc.
  5. A team of designers could be incorporated for the same.
  6. Point number four gives a whole new method of revenue generation through ads.
  7. Companies like Levi’s, Fastrack, Benetton, DC Shoes, Adidas, etc can advertise their products here, and guess what it would take minutes for a new product to get advertised and even experienced by the users.
  8. Animations can be used for the avatars at almost all places in the website.
  9. Virtual events can be created using animations, with avatars as the members of the event. Like, someone’s birthday could be more interestingly celebrated than just posting happy birthday on their wall. A virtual cake can be cut (cake can also adv some brand). Something like that, there can be a lot of functionalities.
  10. Comments of users can be virtual dialogues for the event. You can imagine the situation better than stated.
  11. Similarly events like quiz could be entertained


Facebook realizes that it can’t in corporate all kinds of people as its users, since there are other social platforms like twitter and linkedin having a special sect of people as its majority. But Facebook’s user base is the strongest and this strategy fits best to it. Its wait and watch for us that who does it first fb or g+


Got some more ideas with yourselves, then comment.


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