Newspapers or examination papers

Guess who shal follow our creative idea first
Guess who shall follow our creative idea first

The first crossword in a British newspaper was published in the Sunday Express on November 2, 1924. Why? With development around the globe print media have been changing themselves as well. From sudokus, classifieds, matrimonial the content have been interesting and creative always. So what is the next creative move in Indian print media. The answer is here.

India is not an english speaking country. And I’m sure every student in this country must have heard “read newspapers to improve your english.” Then why not to make their job easier

The popcorn idea is: “Meanings of difficult words as gloassary at the bottom of every page.”  For example ‘Without the support of the tribes, it cannot make any further headway, and they cannot fight beyond their tribal purlieus.’ For learners I guess meaning of word ‘purlieus’ is out of their reach. So why not to help ’em?

Studentss actually stuck themselves when they come across some difficult word, or some smarties sit with dictionary assistance. One may argue and say newspapers should stick to their purpose. But the history says why not. Won’t a student prefer which helps him learn fast. Forget about learners, what would you opt for if ‘The Hindu’ followed our popcorn idea while ‘The Times of India’ remains as such?





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