Zivame is India’s premier online lingerie store, featuring over 2000 lingerie styles to choose from. The collection is curated and hand-picked from the top national and international brands like Enamor, Wonderbra, Triumph, Ultimo, Lovable, Plie, Jockey, Amante, Bwitch, Curvy Kate, Hanes and many others. Based out of Bangalore, Zivame started operations in August 2011 and in 1 year of operation; the company has seen an overwhelming 50% plus month-on-month growth. Visitors grew from a mere 6000 in August to over 17 lakhs in July 2012. Zivame has now become the preferred lingerie destination for the women across the country.


Richa Kar, the founder, completed her graduation from BITS Pilani (2002) and then acquired her Masters from Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies in 2007. She says, for a woman, it is quite embarrassing to step into a lingerie store, and have the salesman or girl scan you and say ‘madam 34 B will fit you.’


The real problem: Now you might guess the potential of online lingerie retail. All credits goes to Richa Kar. Wait there is a but. 8 out of 10 women don’t know their correct size or are wearing the wrong size lingerie! Though she knows her approx size, but she is still in enigma to buy one online. “Will that really fit to me?” She is in no-confidence state which tempts her to buy. So the problem statement is how Zivame should develop consumer confidence which is the key factor of online lingerie sales.


The popcorn idea is that Zivame should give scales to customers in their first purchase. Sounds simple; and it really is. Just do that and you are up.


The Zivame scale can be customized for bodily measurements. It has to be cheap and more importantly accurate. It shall be given free of cost to consumers in their first purchase. So this scale actually gives the measurement which helps users to buy the correct sized lingerie.




  • The scale should be made so accurate and heart winning that it develops everlasting confidence in users.
  • This confidence will let outlet customers to switch to online shopping. Sales increased.
  • After first delivery you bind that customer to you by creating a notion: “Scales customized exclusively for zivame .com”. Sales increased.
  • Scales also act as advertisement stunts.
  • Every time she buys, she feels accustomed to your online store because of your scale’s accuracy which you deliver for free. Then the customers never think of giving you up!


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