TOI Vocabulary 10-11-2014

🙂 Stop. Not for those who don’t read newspaper. 🙂

But for all other smart people out there, here are the words you should know before you read today’s TOI: TIMES OF INDIA. These are just the basic words which every student should know inevitably.



Artillery Munitions of war; implements for warfare, as slings,
bows, and arrows.
Artillery Cannon; great guns; ordnance, including guns, mortars,
howitzers, etc., with their equipment of carriages, balls, bombs, and
shot of all kinds.
Artillery The men and officers of that branch of the army to which
the care and management of artillery are confided.
Artillery The science of artillery or gunnery.
Assault A violent onset or attack with physical means, as blows,
weapons, etc.; an onslaught; the rush or charge of an attacking force;
onset; as, to make assault upon a man, a house, or a town.
Assault A violent onset or attack with moral weapons, as words,
arguments, appeals, and the like; as, to make an assault on the
prerogatives of a prince, or on the constitution of a government.
Assault An apparently violent attempt, or willful offer with force
or violence, to do hurt to another; an attempt or offer to beat
another, accompanied by a degree of violence, but without touching his
person, as by lifting the fist, or a cane, in a threatening manner, or
by striking at him, and missing him. If the blow aimed takes effect, it
is a battery.
Assault To make an assault upon, as by a sudden rush of armed men;
to attack with unlawful or insulting physical violence or menaces.
Assault To attack with moral means, or with a view of producing
moral effects; to attack by words, arguments, or unfriendly measures;
to assail; as, to assault a reputation or an administration.
Ballistic Of or pertaining to the ballista, or to the art of
hurling stones or missile weapons by means of an engine.
Ballistic Pertaining to projection, or to a projectile.
Culminate To reach its highest point of altitude; to come to
the meridian; to be vertical or directly overhead.
Culminate To reach the highest point, as of rank, size, power,
numbers, etc.
Culminate Growing upward, as distinguished from a lateral growth;
— applied to the growth of corals.
Debutant Alt. of Debutante
Envisage To look in the face of; to apprehend; to regard.
Estranged of Estrange
Extant Standing out or above any surface; protruded.
Extant Still existing; not destroyed or lost; outstanding.
Extant Publicly known; conspicuous.
Imprimatur A license to print or publish a book, paper, etc.;
also, in countries subjected to the censorship of the press, approval
of that which is published.
Impunity Exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, or loss.
Infiltrate To enter by penetrating the pores or interstices of
a substance; to filter into or through something.
Infiltrate To penetrate gradually; — sometimes used
Manoeuvre Management; dexterous movement; specif., a military or
naval evolution, movement, or change of position.
Manoeuvre Management with address or artful design; adroit
proceeding; stratagem.
Manoeuvre To perform a movement or movements in military or naval
tactics; to make changes in position with reference to getting
advantage in attack or defense.
Manoeuvre To manage with address or art; to scheme.
Manoeuvre To change the positions of, as of troops of ships.
Manoeuvre See Maneuver.
Overrun of Overrun
Overrun To run over; to grow or spread over in excess; to
invade and occupy; to take possession of; as, the vine overran its
trellis; the farm is overrun with witch grass.
Overrun To exceed in distance or speed of running; to go beyond
or pass in running.
Overrun To go beyond; to extend in part beyond; as, one line
overruns another in length.
Overrun To abuse or oppress, as if by treading upon.
Overrun To carry over, or back, as type, from one line or page
into the next after, or next before.
Overrun To extend the contents of (a line, column, or page)
into the next line, column, or page.
Overrun To run, pass, spread, or flow over or by something; to
be beyond, or in excess.
Overrun To extend beyond its due or desired length; as, a line,
or advertisement, overruns.
Probe To examine, as a wound, an ulcer, or some cavity of the
body, with a probe.
Probe Fig.: to search to the bottom; to scrutinize or examine
Probe An instrument for examining the depth or other circumstances
of a wound, ulcer, or cavity, or the direction of a sinus, of for
exploring for bullets, for stones in the bladder, etc.
Rabid Furious; raging; extremely violent.
Rabid Extreme, unreasonable, or fanatical in opinion; excessively
zealous; as, a rabid socialist.
Rabid Affected with the distemper called rabies; mad; as, a rabid
dog or fox.
Rabid Of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia; as, rabid virus.
Referendum A diplomatic agent’s note asking for instructions from
his government concerning a particular matter or point.
Referendum The right to approve or reject by popular vote a
meassure passed upon by a legislature.
Revamp To vamp again; hence, to patch up; to reconstruct.
Stern The black tern.
Stern Having a certain hardness or severity of nature,
manner, or aspect; hard; severe; rigid; rigorous; austere; fixed;
unchanging; unrelenting; hence, serious; resolute; harsh; as, a
sternresolve; a stern necessity; a stern heart; a stern gaze; a stern
Stern The helm or tiller of a vessel or boat; also, the rudder.
Stern The after or rear end of a ship or other vessel, or of a
boat; the part opposite to the stem, or prow.
Stern Fig.: The post of management or direction.
Stern The hinder part of anything.
Stern The tail of an animal; — now used only of the tail of a
Stern Being in the stern, or being astern; as, the stern davits.
Wrangle To argue; to debate; to dispute.
Wrangle To dispute angrily; to quarrel peevishly and noisily;
to brawl; to altercate.
Wrangle To involve in a quarrel or dispute; to embroil.
Wrangle An angry dispute; a noisy quarrel; a squabble; an


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