TOI Vocabulary 15-11-2014

We highly recommend to read today’s Times of Ideas. The quality of words today is exceptional, exotic, like off the beaten track. Hard words you will find in today’s TOI. Here is the list with meanings. Not for those whose who have strong vocab. Next time you read TOI read with this site open at your hands. All the words just a click away.





Abysmally To a fathomless depth; profoundly.
Accordance Agreement; harmony; conformity.
Candidature Candidacy.
Critique The art of criticism.
Critique A critical examination or estimate of a work of
literature or art; a critical dissertation or essay; a careful and
through analysis of any subject; a criticism; as, Kant’s “Critique of
Pure Reason.”
Critique A critic; one who criticises.
Critique To criticise or pass judgment upon.
Defecate Freed from anything that can pollute, as dregs, lees,
etc.; refined; purified.
Defecate To clear from impurities, as lees, dregs, etc.; to
clarify; to purify; to refine.
Defecate To free from extraneous or polluting matter; to clear;
to purify, as from that which materializes.
Defecate To become clear, pure, or free.
Defecate To void excrement.
Envy Malice; ill will; spite.
Envy Chagrin, mortification, discontent, or uneasiness at the
sight of another’s excellence or good fortune, accompanied with some
degree of hatred and a desire to possess equal advantages; malicious
grudging; — usually followed by of; as, they did this in envy of
Envy Emulation; rivalry.
Envy Public odium; ill repute.
Envy An object of envious notice or feeling.
Envy To feel envy at or towards; to be envious of; to have a
feeling of uneasiness or mortification in regard to (any one), arising
from the sight of another’s excellence or good fortune and a longing to
possess it.
Envy To feel envy on account of; to have a feeling of grief or
repining, with a longing to possess (some excellence or good fortune of
another, or an equal good fortune, etc.); to look with grudging upon;
to begrudge.
Envy To long after; to desire strongly; to covet.
Envy To do harm to; to injure; to disparage.
Envy To hate.
Envy To emulate.
Envy To be filled with envious feelings; to regard anything
with grudging and longing eyes; — used especially with at.
Envy To show malice or ill will; to rail.
Exhortation The act of practice of exhorting; the act of inciting
to laudable deeds; incitement to that which is good or commendable.
Exhortation Language intended to incite and encourage; advice;
counsel; admonition.
Exorbitant Departing from an orbit or usual track; hence,
deviating from the usual or due course; going beyond the appointed
rules or established limits of right or propriety; excessive;
extravagant; enormous; inordinate; as, exorbitant appetites and
passions; exorbitant charges, demands, or claims.
Exorbitant Not comprehended in a settled rule or method;
Fraternity The state or quality of being fraternal or brotherly;
Fraternity A body of men associated for their common interest,
business, or pleasure; a company; a brotherhood; a society; in the
Roman Catholic Chucrch, an association for special religious purposes,
for relieving the sick and destitute, etc.
Fraternity Men of the same class, profession, occupation,
character, or tastes.
Frenzy Any violent agitation of the mind approaching to
distraction; violent and temporary derangement of the mental faculties;
madness; rage.
Frenzy Mad; frantic.
Frenzy To affect with frenzy; to drive to madness
Intrusion The act of intruding, or of forcing in; especially, the
forcing (one’s self) into a place without right or welcome;
Intrusion The penetrating of one rock, while in a plastic or metal
state, into the cavities of another.
Intrusion The entry of a stranger, after a particular estate or
freehold is determined, before the person who holds in remainder or
reversion has taken possession.
Intrusion The settlement of a minister over 3 congregation without
their consent.
Lavatory Washing, or cleansing by washing.
Lavatory A place for washing.
Lavatory A basin or other vessel for washing in.
Lavatory A wash or lotion for a diseased part.
Lavatory A place where gold is obtained by washing.
Parochial Of or pertaining to a parish; restricted to a parish;
as, parochial duties.
Partisanship The state of being a partisan, or adherent to a
party; feelings or conduct appropriate to a partisan.
Perpetrate To do or perform; to carry through; to execute,
commonly in a bad sense; to commit (as a crime, an offense); to be
guilty of; as, to perpetrate a foul deed.
Persuade To influence or gain over by argument, advice,
entreaty, expostulation, etc.; to draw or incline to a determination by
presenting sufficient motives.
Persuade To try to influence.
Persuade To convince by argument, or by reasons offered or
suggested from reflection, etc.; to cause to believe.
Persuade To inculcate by argument or expostulation; to advise;
to recommend.
Persuade To use persuasion; to plead; to prevail by persuasion.
Persuade Persuasion.
Satirical Of or pertaining to satire; of the nature of satire; as,
a satiric style.
Satirical Censorious; severe in language; sarcastic; insulting.
Secretariat Alt. of Secretariate
Slippage The act of slipping; also, the amount of slipping.
Slump The gross amount; the mass; the lump.
Slump To lump; to throw into a mess.
Slump To fall or sink suddenly through or in, when walking on a
surface, as on thawing snow or ice, partly frozen ground, a bog, etc.,
not strong enough to bear the person.
Slump A boggy place.
Slump The noise made by anything falling into a hole, or into a
soft, miry place.
Stature The natural height of an animal body; — generally used of
the human body.
Succumb To yield; to submit; to give up unresistingly; as, to
succumb under calamities; to succumb to disease.
Surveillance Oversight; watch; inspection; supervision.
Unwitting Not knowing; unconscious; ignorant.




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