Interesting Keywords #5 – Business students

THE INTERNET is flooding with infinite knowledge, tie-ing every nodes of human existence. Won’t you grab a tie that matches your suite. Try these keywords and be a part of “The Business Fraternity.” We extremely appreciate the contribution of The Firm: McKinsey for its valuable role in imparting knowledge to fledgling minds.


  1. McKinsey Insights (publication+app)
  2. MIT Sloan Newsroom (podcast)
  3. Stanford Ecorner (podcast)
  4. The Motley Fool (funvestment)
  5. Softwares used in Business Analytics (keyword)
  6. Mashable (app)
  7. HRFuture (magazine)
  8. The crazy life of consultants (blog)
  9. HBR (publication)
  10. A lot of education (gmat material)

Search them. Raaeeeeed this journey. Be in league. Like our fb page.


Some keywords you may want to share ...

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