Interesting Keywords #12 – NIT Raipur Startups

This is the list of all start ups/websites which are related to NIT Raipur (students, alumni, teachers). Start ups from food delivery to education, to real estate, even publications, amaze us.  Some have even the potential to scale in scores of crores. So a 70lac+ package is not wow in front of these start ups. They need applaud. They need attention. 


  • Curioso (site)
  • Foodinger (link)
  • The Nerdy Academy  (link)
  • Void Main (app link)
  • Huntshire (link)
  • Soft my skills (link)
  • Gabby Tree (link)
  • Vegknok (link)
  • Million Minds (link)
  • Instalively (link)
  • Chorusplay (link)
  • Addongyan (link)
  • Ribuk Junction (link)
  • Blue Shark
  • Griha Sampada (link)
  • PoetCard (link)
  • The Popcorn Daily (ironically we too)

All The Best to them from our team. Keep popping corns. Like us besides…..


9 thoughts on “Interesting Keywords #12 – NIT Raipur Startups

    1. Hi.. I am an associate editor with a fortnightly newspaper . Can you please msg me your number would like to connect for an.article

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