Interesting Keywords #14 – Data and government

In last one year Indian government websites have a shown a transition from internet explorer to Microsoft EDGE 😛 .There is a huge pool of data  resources available over the internet untouched by many of us. Even the data like what was the net fish production by your state, country’s economic data like IIP, CPI is available so visually interactive way to induce you. Have a look over it guys.


  • Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE)
  • Open government data  India (Link )
  • Census of US website (Link)
  • Census of India website (Link)
  • Official US government data (Link)
  • India’s statistical analysis (Link)
  • Ministry Of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOSPI)
  • World bank- India data (Link)
  • World bank-data (Link)
  • The Hindu-data (Link)

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