Interesting Keywords #17 – Must watch for Data Scientists

21, a highly recommended to watch. This is a story of 6 MIT students who were brilliant with numbers, decided to step in fast paced Las Vegas casino actionto make some money at the blackjack tables. A maths prof leads the group. By now you might already have the movie playing in your mind. Here are some more. Must watch movies for data scientists. Movies which showed the use of Data Science, though did not have a good scientific backing to them.




Must watch movies for data scientists



  1. 21 (google)
  2. Her (google trailer)
  3. Moneyball (google trailer)
  4. Ex Machina (google trailer)
  5. Blade Runner (google)
  6. Margin Call (google movie)
  7. The Matrix  (google)
  8. The Imitation Game (google)
  9. A Beautiful Mind (google)
  10. Artificial Intelligence  (google)



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