Extraordinary People: Interesting Keywords #21

This post gives you some interesting videos sourced from Al Jazeera’s YouTube channel. Watch all 11+ videos by clicking on the top-left spot of the video screen.


  1. My life after 44 years in prison
  2. India’s Menstruation Man
  3. One woman’s strength in helping refugees in Macedonia
  4. The last Jews of Kolkata
  5. The Syrian refugee giving back to Germany
  6. The Russian rock-star saving a dying Siberian language
  7. Parkour brings Iraqis together
  8. Syrian Seamstresses send help home
  9. An inspiring one
  10. The Syrian doctors treating refugees in Turkey
  11. A priest’s extraordinary journey is soothing souls in Nepal






Dedicated to my friend and author of numerous interesting posts, Nikhil Yede, the undeciphered mystery





We have an excellent record of entertaining people by suggesting them interesting keywords. We solve the old age problem of “What to search when you have nothing to search?” 🙂 


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