Modern Hotel Rooms



We get along better
Far away from home
In modern hotel rooms.
They become us
No horror here
Not when you are
This high up anyway
The Thirty Third floor
Down below maybe
With it uncertainties
And the people
Walking between
Fearful terraces
Realm of coruscating
Trapped sunlight
Down there
Out of place
We feel and are
Not for the likes
Of you and me
Better to stay
Up here watching
Inside a cliff face
Rarefied altitude
Closer to a heaven
Of promised oblivion
Then the hell
Around every corner
Down there, below.

Hotel rooms have to be
Absolutely modern
Belonging to no one
Except the absentee owners
Hilton-Tetragrammaton Inc
Trading as the Very
Heavenly Heaven Hotels
Registered in Paradise, NV
Ten miles above the Strip
Somewhere in the stratosphere
Belonging to the now
Existing only for a moment
Nothing of other past
Occupants must remain
As our traces…

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