The Pope of Surrealism


andrebreton1929[1] Andre Breton-Man Ray 1929 This is my 100th post on this site and quite by accident (a happy accident, I hope) it has been mainly concerned with Surrealism. There have been detours into Decadence, Symbolism and the Situationists and I have occasionally veered into original fiction and the esoteric; but on the whole Surrealism has always been hovering in the wings when it hasn’t been firmly centre-stage.

There is one name that recurs more than any other in my posts and yet not one post (until now) has been sorely concerned with Andre Breton. In many ways the authoritarian and charismatic  Andre Breton was Surrealism. Surrealism as a movement was the creation of Breton and the terminus of official Surrealism is always given as the time of his death in 1966. He laid down the theoretical premises of the movement in the First Surrealist Manifesto published in 1924, organized the publications, provocations and…

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