Hello Startups


You can mail us the problem statement along with brief introduction of your startup . We will create a free session for your start-up in our website @ saturday 10pm. Our team shall post the problem statement in the website along with some possible creative solutions from our side in the session . There is a huge traffic on our website every saturday 10pm. It means that you also get ideas from our users through their comments. This session is a nice platform to interact with creative people who are most likely to be entrepreneurs, managers and leaders of their space.

The best thing about sharing your start-up here is that you get both ideas and publicity for your startup. You can also take active participation during sessions of other start ups so you learn how people like you are doing the same things differently. Another important thing to notice is that whole procedure is free.

Visit the contact page for further assistance.

Best wishes from the team of thepopcorndaily  🙂

Meet you at https://thepopcorndaily.wordpress.com/ every saturday at 10pm.


Some keywords you may want to share ...

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