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How do I deal with ambiguity and chaos? 

At first place, I am highly composed and do not get carried away by the gravity of a crisis. My positive attitude and optimism play a major role. For example, once during an examination, which was to be given on personal computers, my MS Excel software stopped functioning. It was certain that I would have failed if the software didn’t work. After the whole crisis, my friends said, “I would have cried if I were in your place” and my reply was “Why?” I derive this attribute from my father. I have learned that events come and go with attached emotions. So why to worry now when I am not going to worry after the event has passed. Like in all other situations I remained calm in this one as well, which was involuntary. I started evaluating all the possible options; which ones to execute and in which order. I finally gave the exam on a different computer. The best part was that I wasted the least time to arrive at the solution.

A time when I dealt successfully with a person who didn’t like me:

This was during a dance preparation for a competition. I was choreographing and had pointed a girl’s mistake multiple times. She started disliking me after that and ignoring whatever I said. I realized that she didn’t like people suggesting her. But I felt it was important that everyone worked on their individual mistakes so that group gives its best performance. To make my suggestions more acceptable to her, I dealt with other group members first who were eager to learn. I also sought help from others to improvise my own steps. The environment became quite positive that everyone was helping each other in improvising. The next time I made a suggestion to her, it was accepted and we improvised all the weak sections of her dance. Also, the group won First Prize in IIM Lucknow cultural festival.


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