Extraordinary People: Interesting Keywords #21

This post gives you some interesting videos sourced from Al Jazeera’s YouTube channel. Watch all 11+ videos by clicking on the top-left spot of the video screen.   My life after 44 years in prison India’s Menstruation Man One woman’s strength in helping refugees in Macedonia The last Jews of Kolkata The Syrian refugee giving … More Extraordinary People: Interesting Keywords #21

Interesting Keywords #17 – Must watch for Data Scientists

21, a highly recommended to watch. This is a story of 6 MIT students who were brilliant with numbers, decided to step in fast paced Las Vegas casino actionto make some money at the blackjack tables. A maths prof leads the group. By now you might already have the movie playing in your mind. Here … More Interesting Keywords #17 – Must watch for Data Scientists

Interesting Keywords #17 – Random

Let’s surf something interesting. Because this is what we provide.  500px (Amazing photos) MIT App Inventor (create apps without coding) Poetcard (send postcards to friends/ customers) Win Rs500 Flipkart Giftcard (link) Chrome Remote Desktop (app link) 2008 Noida double murder case (wiki  judgement movie) Charlie Hebdo (images wiki) Like our facebook page to keep knowing interesting things. 🙂

Interesting Keywords #15 – Case Study

All you  need to know about Case Study preparation and interview. It contains online tutorials, videos, books, and publications and many more resources. MConsulting Prep (link) Case Interview Channel (link) Master The Case (link) Case Interview Channel (link) Bain (link) Build foundation (link) Vault (link) Google Scholar (link) Case in Point (link) Stay updated with … More Interesting Keywords #15 – Case Study

Interesting Keywords #14 – Data and government

In last one year Indian government websites have a shown a transition from internet explorer to Microsoft EDGE 😛 .There is a huge pool of data  resources available over the internet untouched by many of us. Even the data like what was the net fish production by your state, country’s economic data like IIP, CPI … More Interesting Keywords #14 – Data and government

Interesting Keywords #11 – Interview

Before you appear for “any interview”, watch them out. It covers everything you should build in yourself for campus placements. Be it Group discussions, Puzzles, creative rounds… Try these keywords now. Google them or use the direct link. BBC News Explained (link) Soft My Skills (link) Interview puzzles (link) Test tube news (link) Crash course (link) Let’s talk Podcast (link) … More Interesting Keywords #11 – Interview

Interesting Keywords #10 – Literature

The Internet is already obsessed with a multitude of literary treasures. And these keywords will land you to them. Use the direct link or google them up. We won’t fail in providing quality content all the time. That’s what makes us say “Interesting keywords.” Electric Literature (link) Arts and letters daily (link) Literary Hub (link) The Paris Review … More Interesting Keywords #10 – Literature