Hello Thinkers

Creative thinkers, this is the best place for your thoughts and ideas. Aim to be a creative manager and not just to do an MBA. Explore more


At this time, we are inviting interested youths to submit creative ideas. We shall convert your idea to a revolutionary article which you can make it public to your friends or people you want to reach out to. You can even take time and submit the article itself. Ideas can be in any domain a suggestion to your institute, which you think should be followed. A creative advertisement suggestion for some brand. A new creative strategy for some entity like Flipkart, Micromax. A new kind of prepaid plan for Idea Cellular. Your creative idea towards humanity. I mean any in any domain, we shall make the world hear and follow your idea.


All you need to this is to as soon as you have an idea or suggestion to share just mail us at mohd.aqueeb@gmail.com. Its upto you if you want to write the complete article or  just the concept. Our editors shall take care of the rest.


Check some ideas which are already making news in thepopcorndaily.wordpress.com



Some keywords you may want to share ...

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